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The Story Works is a company owned and operated by Nick. It was initially established to run the independent TV writers room of the same name set up by him in 2019, and is now used as a production and development vehicle for his independent film and TV projects. The first feature produced by The Story Works, Nick’s documentary The Song Cycle, premieres at the Galway Film Fleadh 2024.

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Works in Progress

THE SEA LION - Feature Film, Drama

Long term rough sleeper FRANCIS has devised a resourceful but precarious system of survival – until his instinctive dive into a river to rescue a suicidal young woman NADIA draws unwanted media and public attention, culminating in him being burnt out of his tent. When Nadia’s well-meaning father FELIX learn of his plight, he invites Francis to move into the vacant casita on the grounds of their affluent family home – overriding the horrified objections of his wife AMANDA. But Francis’s disruptive presence threatens the stability of the already traumatised family – especially when they learn that he harbours dark secrets from his own past.

REPEAT TO FADE - TV Series, Comedy Drama

Raymond failed to become a rock star 25 years ago. But, having failed even worse at everything else he’s tried since, he’s going to have another go. Repeat To Fade is a comedy drama set in the somewhat bizarre world of “Heritage” rock tours, where famous – and often not-so-famous – bands from decades past reform to perform their old music to their now-old fans. Yes, there will be sex, drugs and rock’n’roll – and each of Raymond’s estranged former band mates is a poster boy for one of these classic tropes – but also erectile dysfunction, memory loss and tinnitus. The only thing that hasn’t changed are the obsessive, borderline crazy fans – in fact, if anything they may have got even crazier.

BEDSITTERLAND - Feature Film, Drama

City Wide

Home-schooled, and raised in rural isolation by her protective father GILES and invalid mother MARIANNE, socially naïve but plucky JUDITH is excited to embark on an independent new life in the big city. But shortly after her arrival a violent agoraphobic attack traps her within her scruffy multi-occupancy bedsit house. She fashions an ingenious indoor life for herself, recruiting one fellow-tenant, carefree backpacker IAN, as an ally for practical challenges, and being inspired by another, reclusive wheelchair-bound painter WILLIAM, to envisage an emotionally fulfilling existence without ever going outdoors again. Meanwhile she resists the increasing urgent pleas from Giles to abandon her foolhardy move and return to her remote country home and ailing mother. But as ominous clouds gather, both literally and figuratively, she’s forced to decide between safety and freedom.

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