The song cycle

The Song Cycle

In 2022, I decided to cycle from Ireland to Glastonbury, playing shows en route, in order to start a conversation about more sustainable ways to tour live music.

On the 19th June, I set off cycling from Pembroke and arrived at The Glastonbury Festival on June 24th. I was joined on trip by my fellow Dogs-body Sean Millar, who shadowed me via public transport, joining me onstage each evening.

I was joined for this odyssey by intrepid cameraman Céin O’Brien who filmed the agony and ecstasy of the cycle itself as well as our shows each night. I am using this footage as the basis for a documentary film.

In 2023, I set off again on The Song Cycle from 17th June to 21st June and played a gig every night with my band DOGS ending with 2 shows at Glastonbury. This years journey was featured by the BBC during their Glastonbury coverage. You can watch their short feature here.

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Kickstarter Campaign

On October 1st 2023, I launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The aim of the campaign was to raise funds to complete The Song Cycle documentary film. As I cycled from Dublin to the Glastonbury Festival & played DOGS gigs along the way, I filmed my journey – and now I am looking to turn that footage into a finished movie with the working title “The Song Cycle”.

The funding from this campaign will cover the post production costs including picture editing, audio editing, distribution costs etc.

The campaign was a great success & we successfully reached our initial target of €25,000.

Check out Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for updates on The Song Cycle.

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