Peripheral Visionaries Irish Tour(ette)

For a while now, I’ve been frustrated by how rarely I get to perform my songs in a band context – especially when I’m in one of my “in-between-records” stretches, and there’s no product sales to offset the expense of hiring musicians or major media coverage to create a buzz around the shows.

Recent chats with various other musical friends made me realise that I’m not alone in this frustration.

So, after some intense coffee-spoon-measuring, an unusual collaborative adventure was dreamed up by myself and my good friends and fellow artists Joe Chester, Sean Millar and Julie Feeney.

The weekend of May 10th-12th saw the first dipping of the collective toe of The Peripheral Visionaries into the teeming pond of the Irish gig scene.

Having spent several days learning each other’s songs we accompanied one another for a composite greatest hits set in Cyprus Avenue (Cork), The Workmans Club (Dublin) and the Spirit Store (Dundalk).

Three lovely shows, they were too, with harmoniums, banjos and cajons galore, and a really ecstatic response from the people who came out to see us play.

Not sure when or if we’ll get to do this again, but it was a thrill and a release for us all.

Here’s the setlist we played for our opening show:

Feel Everything And Love Yourself (Sean)

Charlie For A Girl (Joe)

Julia (Julie)

You’re Gonna Fall (Nick)

You Broke The Magic (Julie)

Acid Rain (Joe)

Hard Years (Sean)

Republic (Nick)

Impossibly Beautiful (Julie)

Safe Place To Hide (Joe)

Saint Stephen (Sean)

Horse Water Wind (Nick)

Foreign Correspondent (Joe)

You Just Can’t Let Things Go (Sean)

Life’s Nudge (Julie)

World Exploding Touch (Nick)

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