Nick’s new old band to play Electric Picnic

Nick’s started a new band – or, more accurately, an old one.

The Unelectables are Ireland’s very own Monster Ageing Groovy Party – five candidates perennially overlooked by the voting public, united only in the unfashionable view that punk is wasted on the youth. They are:

Sean “Doctor” Millar (The Cute Hoors) – vocals / guitars

Nick Kelly (The Fat Lady Sings / Alien Envoy) – vocals / guitars

Les Keye (The Wilde Oscars) – bass

Paul Byrne (In Tua Nua) – drums

Daragh O’Toole (solo artist, arranger to the stars) – keyboards

With a set drawn from the noisiest corners of the combined back catalogues of Nick and his great friend and fellow political no-hoper Sean Millar, The Unelectables are an anarchic triumph of experience over hope.

Their first official gig at this year’s Electric Picnic. They’ll be making their pitch to the Stradbally electorate from the magnificent rickety deck of the Salty Dog early on Saturday afternoon.

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